PTO Purchases New Playground Equipment
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Monday, October 03, 2016
Our updated playground will be ready soon!

Our students and parents have been working hard raising funds for needs around our school.   One of the largest needs has been playground equipment for our students to use during PE class and recess.  PTO and the Lauderdale County School District purchased some new equipment two years ago  (Phase I) and now the PTO has order the equipment and supplies to update the older equipment (Phase II).     

Playground Phase II - PTO has dedicated $12,000 raised from 2015-2016 fundraisers to update our older playground equipment.  The broken slide will be replaced, the wooden border will be removed, and the playground will be extended to make room for 3 new bays of swings.  The old gravel will be replaced with the same type of mulch used in the new playground.  There will be a new ADA approved access ramp and border installed so that all of our children can enjoy the equipment.   

Playground, Phase I:  Nearly two years ago, we opened a new playground. The students and their families worked very hard for several years to raise money for a new playground.  They raised $20,000 and set it aside for this project.  Then the rest of the needed funds were raised in 2014.  The Lauderdale County School Board also gave us $10,000 and The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors,  (Kyle Rutledge is the Supervisor for the SEE area) provided the equipment and dirt to prepare the site.  Several volunteers gathered at SEE on 3 separate  freezing cold February/March mornings to help assemble the playground and worked all day long.   Thank you so much for all of your help and support with the many fundraisers we have held to raise this money.  A special shout out goes to the volunteers who gave their time and expertise to assemble the equipment. 

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